New Focus & Social Media Redirect

I’m in the phase where I’m trying to reinvent myself – actually have been here for the past 2 years.  It is a constant challenge to manipulate thoughts and strategies and come up with something that will actually work.  It definitely keeps the boredom away!

Here are a few things I’ve done to start decluttering and refresh:

** Put everything on clearance in my Etsy Shop, Lori Bush Art on Etsy – I’ve had some of this for almost 2 years now and it’s time to clear out and bring in new items, ideas.  I’ve learned that the Christmas Cards are my biggest draw, and that has stayed true ever since my mom started drawing her adorable schnauzer art.

** Focus on that children’s book that I wanted to accomplish!

** Get ready for the winter, my new home, and get some of the ceramics recreated

** Start drawing some things myself –  my mom always tried to cultivate that buried talent.

I’d love to hear how you all start fresh and what has worked best!  I still love Etsy, Instagram, & Pinterest so you’ll still see me hanging out there.  I really admire other’s art and find it inspiring.

Home Business Challenges

I’ve reached a point in my life where I can stay home and try to run a business.  Although I need to stay frugal, I’m enjoying it and I’m constantly looking for ways to get creative.  My mom left behind a lot of great artwork which I know people love to see, especially those who have miniature schnauzers.  The problem I’m facing though is the work is digitized and does not have the recommended resolution (at least 300dpi) needed for manufacturers to actually make products like cards, t-shirts, stickers, etc.    Therefore, I’m struggling a bit.

My next idea is to try and duplicate some ceramics she made back in the 1960’s.  They are adorable figurines of schnauzers.  I have had a great response from people on my Facebook page who would love to own a Lori Bush schnauzer figurine.

I’m getting ready to move to the northeast the end of this year and will take full advantage of the frigid weather to stay bundled up inside my future lovely home and get creative!

I would love to hear your challenges of running an at-home business.  Do you blog to try and make money along with your business?  I think I’m missing a few links here because I’ve let time and technology get way ahead of me…. Any recommendations would be welcomed!

Fall Frolics

Fall happens to be my favorite time of the year.  The summer heat has taken a toll by now and it’s time to get outside more and enjoy the crisp air.  I took a little break this past month to search for my new home which was successful and I’m excited to purchase a place where I can finally start working on duplicating my mom’s original ceramic figures she made back in the 60’s and 70’s.    I hope to have some available by Christmas but definitely by the first of 2016.

I have a complete line of framed art/notecards for each month of the year which would make a great collectible.  They are moderately priced and a great way to enjoy my mom’s whimsical drawings of the miniature schnauzer.

Let me know what you think!  Also, start thinking about Christmas cards.  I have a few packs left with 5 different designs!  Check out my Etsy Shop –


New Look for Lori Bush Art Website

I am revamping the Shopify website to make it simple and more noticeable.   I am also introducing a few new products this month and working on several more ideas.  The children’s book is still a work in progress and ball caps with the logo are the next product to roll out soon!

June was a great month for orders with a couple of miniature schnauzer clubs!  You all will start seeing more of Lori’s art as dog show prizes.  I do give discounts for large orders like this, so keep Lori Bush Art in mind when you have an event like this.   I can be reached on Etsy or by email at

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to check out the Shopify website, Lori Bush Art, and let me know what you think!


Summer FlyBy

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, but is it really the middle of the year already!?!  I’m just getting my July 4th art posted and I suddenly realized I better get new Christmas cards printed.  Wow, life flies by if you let it.

I’ve been busy coming up with new art ideas for my Etsy Shop and having way too much fun.  Trips to Hobby Lobby are inspirational and dangerous (for my wallet that is).  As you can see by the picture featured here, not only have I been crafty, but also downloaded that great new app, Photo Collage.   Also, I got my Shopify site up and running again, so I guess I’ve been busy.  If you’ve visited that Shopify site – it’s a work in progress.   With my Computer Science degree (from 1985), one would think I could just churn it out in a day and it look terrific, but not so much when you ignore the technology changes for so many years!

I posted a picture of my mom’s ceramic figures she used to do way back in the 60’s and 70’s.  It is my goal to reproduce those and sell them.  I think I have a lead on it but now those figurines are stashed away, packed securely, in a storage unit since I just sold my house recently …. Wait – I moved too.  That could be why I’m so far behind and this Summer is just flying by!

Thanks for stopping by – can’t wait to show you all the new items I’m creating with Lori Bush Art.   My mom left me SO much to have fun with 🙂

Shop Lori Bush Art

Do you LOVE Lori Bush Art?  Do you LOVE Schnauzers?  You’ve come to the right place.    I hope some of you have had a chance to visit my Etsy Shop, Lori Bush Art, but now I have launched a website.  Here is one of the great products available.

Let me know what you think!


I have been contemplating the art of the handwritten note and wondering if it is still alive.  We spend a lot of time online now, as I am at this very moment, and I wonder if the newest generations still believe in this personalized way of communication.  As a business owner who sells notecards, it is imperative that I invest in making products that people will use and relate to.

My mom started her business in the 1960’s making stationery and notecards which I have revived this past year.   It has been so gratifying to bring it back and connect with people in the present and the past who love her art of drawing dogs.

I was born in 1963, considered as a Baby Boomer.  I grew up writing letters to my friends and grandparents and making pen pals.  It was the biggest treat to get a personal LETTER in my post office box!  As I reflect on those days, it is my hope that Generations X, Y, and Z go to their mailboxes and get excited when they receive a personal handwritten note from someone who was thinking of them.  It is so much more fun than receiving a bill!

What are your thoughts on this and let me know your favorite way to send a note to someone you’re thinking about.

Lori Bush Art – Schnauzers Around the World

I have recently gotten some orders in my Etsy Shop from the UK and Australia!  How cool it is to reach beyond the US to schnauzer lovers around the world.  I’m also humbled by how many people have liked my FaceBook posts and Instagram pictures from Russia, South America, Canada, and Tokyo.

When Lori became really sick with Ovarian Cancer in the summer of 2005, many of her customers/contacts from around the world sent her lovely emails and hand-written notes.  She also received an amethyst rock from a lady in Switzerland in hopes that it would help bring her peace and strength.  It is pictured here with Lori’s early collection of ceramics she made for her customers.  I remember receiving this in the mail when I was with my mom in her last few months and I will cherish it forever.  It just so happens to be the birthstone of my daughter also!

If you’re on FaceBook or Instagram anywhere in the world, I would love to see pictures of your beloved schnauzer – send me a private message!  They can certainly brighten even the dullest day.


This Saturday, May 2nd, will have been Lori’s 79th birthday!  Her passions were art and animals, especially the miniature schnauzer.  She so eloquently joined the two and and pursued a fulfilling career spreading her joy into other’s lives.  It wasn’t a lucrative career where she made a lot of money, but one that gave her purpose and the chance to make other people happy.  Isn’t this the ultimate reward?

May 2, 1936 was also a Kentucky Derby Day.  Not only did Lori love schnauzers but she also had a true love for horses.  She spent hours as a child drawing horses and dogs, wishing someday she would be able to have her own.  Horses were a therapeutic relief to the Great Depression which happened shortly before Lori was born.  Anyone who has read the great book Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand, or has seen the equally incredible movie, knows that this iconic horse helped to bring hope back to a nation that had become so broken.   I remember as a child, watching the Kentucky Derby every year together with my mom.  She loved the fact that she was born on this day due to her deep connection and fascination with horses.

Lori’s dream of owning a horse came true in 1968, 5 years after I was born, when we moved from the city to a 10-acre farm.  My father was a busy lawyer in downtown Tampa, but he shared my mom’s dream to live on a farm and own animals.   Boy, was I lucky!

It is quite obvious that Lori’s happiness was so ingrained in her art.  You can see the expressions, joy, playfulness in the schnauzers she drew.  This captured the attention of other dog owners and it wasn’t long before they were commissioning Lori to draw their beloved pets.

This Saturday, I hope you will join me in remembering my mom, her beautiful art, and possibly catch the running of the Kentucky Derby.

Children’s Book?

I’m seriously considering writing a children’s book using many of the graphics I have on file with Lori’s (mom’s) art.  I’m working on an idea for what the story should be and will start putting something together soon.  Who knew I would even consider this, given that I don’t consider myself a writer by any means.  But it makes compete sense.  My mom would be SO thrilled!  I’m taking this opportunity to practice writing here on WordPress, so I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to look at this!  I am up for ideas on what the story should be about 😉

She was so excited to be the illustrator for the book “The Secret Life of Charlie Smart”, a cute story about a real life schnauzer name Charlie (it was gloriously fictionalized with clever schnauzer antics).   Lori loved to read and took great pleasure in teaching me how to read along with my children.  She could sit there for hours reading to us.

There might even be a picture to color in!  The possibilities are endless ❤