Lori Bush Art – Schnauzers Around the World

I have recently gotten some orders in my Etsy Shop from the UK and Australia!  How cool it is to reach beyond the US to schnauzer lovers around the world.  I’m also humbled by how many people have liked my FaceBook posts and Instagram pictures from Russia, South America, Canada, and Tokyo.

When Lori became really sick with Ovarian Cancer in the summer of 2005, many of her customers/contacts from around the world sent her lovely emails and hand-written notes.  She also received an amethyst rock from a lady in Switzerland in hopes that it would help bring her peace and strength.  It is pictured here with Lori’s early collection of ceramics she made for her customers.  I remember receiving this in the mail when I was with my mom in her last few months and I will cherish it forever.  It just so happens to be the birthstone of my daughter also!

If you’re on FaceBook or Instagram anywhere in the world, I would love to see pictures of your beloved schnauzer – send me a private message!  They can certainly brighten even the dullest day.

One thought on “Lori Bush Art – Schnauzers Around the World

  1. Thank you for sharing your Mom’s beautiful art and legacy. Any Lori Bush creation make me smile and yes, brightens even my dullest day!

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