IMG_3677I am the daughter of Lori Bush, best known around the world for her schnauzer art among other breeds. Lori raised miniature schnauzers shortly after I was born and went on to show her beloved dogs in the obedience and conformation rings. She passed along her love of dogs & horses to me and we enjoyed many hours at dog & horse shows together. My competitive horse show days are over now but I own two lovable labrador retrievers & I hope to own another horse someday for pleasure riding.

My mom passed away in 2005 leaving a legacy of artwork known around the world. She drew all kinds of breeds with pastels and pen & ink. She designed logos, business cards, christmas cards for schnauzer owners and contributed countless drawings to the American Miniature Schnauzer Club, canine rescue organizations, and cancer fundraisers. I have wonderful memories of helping her with her art packaging Christmas cards and painting ceramics.

I love working from home these days designing products with all the digital files my mom left on disk. It is my wish to keep her legacy alive by selling products featuring her beautiful art!

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