This Saturday, May 2nd, will have been Lori’s 79th birthday!  Her passions were art and animals, especially the miniature schnauzer.  She so eloquently joined the two and and pursued a fulfilling career spreading her joy into other’s lives.  It wasn’t a lucrative career where she made a lot of money, but one that gave her purpose and the chance to make other people happy.  Isn’t this the ultimate reward?

May 2, 1936 was also a Kentucky Derby Day.  Not only did Lori love schnauzers but she also had a true love for horses.  She spent hours as a child drawing horses and dogs, wishing someday she would be able to have her own.  Horses were a therapeutic relief to the Great Depression which happened shortly before Lori was born.  Anyone who has read the great book Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand, or has seen the equally incredible movie, knows that this iconic horse helped to bring hope back to a nation that had become so broken.   I remember as a child, watching the Kentucky Derby every year together with my mom.  She loved the fact that she was born on this day due to her deep connection and fascination with horses.

Lori’s dream of owning a horse came true in 1968, 5 years after I was born, when we moved from the city to a 10-acre farm.  My father was a busy lawyer in downtown Tampa, but he shared my mom’s dream to live on a farm and own animals.   Boy, was I lucky!

It is quite obvious that Lori’s happiness was so ingrained in her art.  You can see the expressions, joy, playfulness in the schnauzers she drew.  This captured the attention of other dog owners and it wasn’t long before they were commissioning Lori to draw their beloved pets.

This Saturday, I hope you will join me in remembering my mom, her beautiful art, and possibly catch the running of the Kentucky Derby.

3 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Have several shirts from different Schnauzer rescue groups, featuring your Mom’s art, so I think of her often.
    The Schnauzer community misses her, too.

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    1. Thank you, Laura! Can you tell me which rescue groups these have come from? I am looking into selling products and donating some of the proceeds to non-profit organizations. Would love your input!


  2. Beautiful tribute from a dear Daughter to a wonderful Mom! Laura, your Mom not only brought joy into her own family’s
    life, but continues to spread this joy to others for generations through the legacy of her creativity. Thank you for generously sharing your Mom and her legacy.


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