I have been contemplating the art of the handwritten note and wondering if it is still alive.  We spend a lot of time online now, as I am at this very moment, and I wonder if the newest generations still believe in this personalized way of communication.  As a business owner who sells notecards, it is imperative that I invest in making products that people will use and relate to.

My mom started her business in the 1960’s making stationery and notecards which I have revived this past year.   It has been so gratifying to bring it back and connect with people in the present and the past who love her art of drawing dogs.

I was born in 1963, considered as a Baby Boomer.  I grew up writing letters to my friends and grandparents and making pen pals.  It was the biggest treat to get a personal LETTER in my post office box!  As I reflect on those days, it is my hope that Generations X, Y, and Z go to their mailboxes and get excited when they receive a personal handwritten note from someone who was thinking of them.  It is so much more fun than receiving a bill!

What are your thoughts on this and let me know your favorite way to send a note to someone you’re thinking about.

4 thoughts on “HandWritten

  1. A great point Ann. I too believe in the power of the written word-especially in today’s techworld. It tells people you have taken the time to think about them and I think people value this very much.

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    1. Thanks, Andy! It’s that personal touch that people can appreciate. It’s so much easier to write an email or hit that all familiar “Like” button which is gratifying too, but let’s keep this handwritten art alive!


  2. Lori, I was tickled to receive a handwritten note from my seven-year-old grand niece this week, fully illustrated, and with a plea to “send back soon!” I like to think it’s till a thrill for children to find real handwritten letters in the mail. A dear friend writes an installment of a story each week, longhand with her own lovely pictures, and send them to her grand-daughters, who eagerly wait their arrival. I hope this never ends! Person to person, pen to pen… Thanks for a lovely post.


    1. That’s amazing! Your friend sounds like my grandmother when she would send me pictures and stories 🙂 I truly believe that children will cherish this growing up and continue to do the same for their loved ones ❤ Thank you for sharing!!!

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