Children’s Book?

I’m seriously considering writing a children’s book using many of the graphics I have on file with Lori’s (mom’s) art.  I’m working on an idea for what the story should be and will start putting something together soon.  Who knew I would even consider this, given that I don’t consider myself a writer by any means.  But it makes compete sense.  My mom would be SO thrilled!  I’m taking this opportunity to practice writing here on WordPress, so I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to look at this!  I am up for ideas on what the story should be about 😉

She was so excited to be the illustrator for the book “The Secret Life of Charlie Smart”, a cute story about a real life schnauzer name Charlie (it was gloriously fictionalized with clever schnauzer antics).   Lori loved to read and took great pleasure in teaching me how to read along with my children.  She could sit there for hours reading to us.

There might even be a picture to color in!  The possibilities are endless ❤

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