Lori Bush Art – the Reintroduction

Thank you for visiting my new WordPress site and Welcome to Lori Bush Art!  I’m expanding my scope here in hopes of reintroducing my mom’s beautiful artwork.   My name is Ann Johnston and it has been my goal for the past 10 years to bring Lori’s artwork back to the world as the thriving business she had before she passed away in 2005 of Ovarian Cancer.  Lori was well-known around the world for her beautiful drawings of dogs, especially the miniature schnauzer breed.   While I cannot draw like she did, I have a wealth of her work which I have been using to create notecards and shirts.   You can find my current products in my Etsy Shop, LoriBushArt:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/loribushart 

Lori grew up loving dogs but never had one until she was married.  Her first dog was Pretzel, an over-sized miniature schnauzer she rescued in Tampa, FL.  She also had a poodle named Pippin, but Pretzel won her over with his vivacious personality and his knack for obedience.

Not long after Pretzel came along, Lori acquired a couple more miniature schnauzers and initiated her Shorlaine kennel.   Not only did she show her dogs in the confirmation ring, but she also started a grooming business and began her very successful art business of drawing and ceramics.  The first artwork consisted of sculpting and firing ceramic schnauzer figurines then designing notepads, stationery, and yearly Christmas cards.  Once she was established in the dog show world, she was asked to submit illustrations to the breed clubs around the country and started designing show prizes.

Lori preferred to draw with pastels and pen & ink.  People around the world noticed her work and commissioned her frequently to draw their dogs.

Horses were another of Lori’s favorites which she passed along to me.  I got my first horse when I was five years old and spent many hours trail riding with my best friend across the street.   We were lucky enough to live out in the country just outside of Tampa.  While my mom was busy raising, showing, and drawing dogs, I was busy riding which led to my passion for showing hunter/jumpers.    I showed all the way through high school and one year in college.   I have a wonderful collection of all the horses she drew for me that we owned over the years!

Lori continued to show dogs until the 1980’s, then transitioned to just grooming and her artwork.   The personal computer became quite popular in the 90’s and this introduced her to a whole new realm of artwork.   She began designing logos and business cards and attended Adobe conventions to learn the ins and outs of PhotoShop.  She was communicating with people all over the world by email regarding her work and by this time she had her own in-home office/art studio where she drew, scanned, and printed all of her work.   There were always a couple of schnauzers close by also to keep her company and inspire her whimsical drawings.

Lori graduated from Syracuse University with a Fine Arts degree and was a voracious reader.  She taught elementary school for a couple of years right after she was married and especially loved to read with me and ultimately my children when they were born.    Being the bookworm she was, it was a huge honor for her when she was asked to illustrate a children’s book in the early 2000’s about a miniature schnauzer named Charlie from Colorado.  Charlie was the typical schnauzer with a huge personality who loved to go on adventures.  This book is The Secret Life of Charlie Smart by Alex Chandler which can be found on Amazon.

Lori did not find out she had Ovarian cancer until it was stage 4 in early 2005.  She had been sick and in and out of the hospital for the 15 years prior to her passing.  It was always her artwork, her husband of 47 years, and my family that kept her mind active and away from her illness.   I am forever grateful to have much of her work and happy to help her, as I did growing up, offer and show her beautiful, fanciful, whimsical drawings to all those who love the miniature schnauzer as much as she did.

9 thoughts on “Lori Bush Art – the Reintroduction

  1. I’m so pleased to know that Lori’s artwork will be available again. I have a lovely drawing of 3 MS that a friend had Lori draw for me some years ago, which still has pride of place. All the best in your endeavours.
    Karen Bleeker

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    1. Thank you, Karen! I hope you’ve found my Facebook page and Instagram account. I occasionally post art that she has done and items I have had made in my Etsy and Zazzle shops. I would love to see the piece that you have 🙂


      1. Hi Ann, I saw your post on Facebook.
        I’ll try to figure out how to send you a pic of my Lori Art. (I couldn’t attach it to this message for some reason.)
        An American friend of mine, showed Lori a pic of my 3 MS sitting. A sofa, and Lori did the rest.m that was back in 2001 after my very first visit to the U.S. To visit MS friends.

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      2. That`s great, Ann!
        It must be lovely for you to be seeing Lori`s art again.
        I`m really pleased that you`re sharing it again. It`s too good to be lost or forgotten.
        I thought I had you on Facebook, but now I can`t find you, so i haven`t seen what you`ve been sharing!


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    1. Yes! That worked!
      Thanks Ann. I was able to look at all the lovely art work, and I saw mine there too. My word, Lori was a busy lady.


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